8-in-1 Beekeeping Equipment Kit

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Both beginner and advanced beekeepers would really appreciate a practical beekeeping set with some of the most essential hive tools. This 8-in-1 Beekeeping Equipment Kit will come in handy in helping a beekeeper maintain the hive. The kit has 8 useful tools: J Hive Tool, Bee Brush, Queen Catcher, Uncapping Fork, Hive Frame Holder, Spur Wire Wheel Embedder, Queen Marking Cage with Plunger and a Bee Smoker.

These are the functions of each tool in this kit:

  • J-Hook Hive Tool – This ‘J ‘ shaped is made of special stainless steel. It is very handy when separating hive boxes, prying out frames, and scrapping wax and propolis off of your bee boxes and frames.
  • Bee Brush – A handy tool when cleaning the bee hive.
  • Queen Catcher – This plastic (‘hair clip’ type) tool makes it easy to capture the queen for marking or before introducing into a colony.
  • Uncapping Fork – This is a sturdy molded plastic with sharp tines which helps to uncap wax from the frames.
  • Hive Frame Holder – This sturdy frame grip comes in handy when removing frames from the hive.
  • Queen Marking Cage with Plunger – This tool helps after capturing the queen for marking. Place her inside, gently depress the plunger to hold her against the mesh while marking.
  • Spur Wire Wheel Embedder – This tool is made of durable stainless steel and has a sturdy wooden handle. It helps to secure a thin layer of foundation wax into each timber frame.
  • Bee Smoker – Subdues the bees so as not to sting when the beekeeper is extracting honey or doing hive maintenance.

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