Amipol-T Varroosis Prevention Strips

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You have many options for controlling varroa mite population in bee colonies. Each prevention and treatment comes with its share of pros and drawbacks which should be evaluated thoroughly before making a choice. It is also important to monitor mite infestation so as to intervene soonest possible. Amitraz is a synthetic acaricide that is widely used to counter varroa mites in beekeeping. Thymol on the other hand, is an essential oil usually extracted from plants. It is one of the widely used essential oils for mite control. It is effective in treating mites on adult bees but does not penetrate cell cappings where mites are in their developmental stages. These 20 Amipol-T Varroosis Prevention Strips contains both Amitraz and thymol, making it one of the best treatments for varroa mites.

About the Product

Each package contains 10 strips each of the product. Each of the strips both thymol and Amitraz as potent ingredients. It is specially formulated to target the adult varroa mites.

The strips have been packaged hermetically in sealed foil bags.

Efficacy and Application

This product is an effective treatment option against the varroa mite in its adult form. It does not penetrate brood cells and thus may not help eliminate developing mites.

Treatment should be initiated in Spring, upon completion of your first inspection of the honey bee colonies. It should also be placed inside the hives after honey harvesting, during summer and autumn.

Place 2 strips for 10 to 12 nesting frames, and a single strip for 6 frames in weaker honey bee colonies. Ensure the strips are well positioned inside the hive, preferably between two frames of the beehive.

Stronger colonies require at least 2 strips which should be well-positioned within the hive. The first strip should lie between 3 to 4 frames and the other between 7 and 8 frames.

Storage and Useful Life

Keep the strips in the hive for a period of 3 to 30 days. The strips will be useful for a period of 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Keep the unused product within temperature levels of 0 to 30 degrees Celsius. It should also be in a dry and dark place, away from children. Keep it away from open fire or any other heating devices.


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