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The Queen bee is the most valued member of a honeybee colony. They deserve to be protected, well-cared for and handled with the right tools. Drone (male) bees on the other hand are responsible for procreation in the colony. They are high maintenance but have to remain in the hive because they may need to mate with a virgin queen when the old one dies or needs to be replaced.

This set of tools is important for identifying and protecting the Queen Bee and the Drone Bees. They include:

  • 1 piece refined grafting needle tool – For moving larvae as well as newly developed virgin queen cells.
  • 1 piece handheld drone bee cage clip – Easy cage to pick up the drone on the bee cages.
  • 1 piece Queen bee mark bottle – Holds the Queen Bee in place when she is being marked.
  • 1 piece queen marker pen – By default it is red in colour. Used to make marks on the Drones and Queen for easier identification during feeding and caging. There are 7 other colors that you can chose from: yellow, purple, green, blue, orange, white and pink.
  • 10 pieces white Drone Bee cage – This plastic cage holds the drone bee either during transit or when it is introduced to a new colony.
  • 10 pieces white Queen Bee cages – This plastic queen cages hold the Queen Bee either during transit or when she is being introduced to a new colony until she is accepted.
  • 20 pieces brown cell cups – These plastic cell cups are used for laying eggs to breed Queens and Drones. They are very convenient and simple to use.

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