Langstroth Beehive Plastic Queen Excluder (20pcs)

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Keep your honey super boxes free of eggs with this plastic queen excluder for Langstroth beehives. The excluder measures 50.7 x 42 cm. It is easy to cut the plastic excluder to fit your 8-frame or 10-frame Langstroth beehive. The queen excluder has nicely sized mesh gaps that allow worker bees and drones to go through it but not the queen bee. It helps you get good quality honey in your super boxes without preventing bees from their routine beehive activities.

This Langstroth beehive plastic queen excluder does not have sharp edges in its exterior that may cut bees. It is suitable for use in all regions where bees are kept. The queen excluder is durable and very sturdy. It does its job well and lives up to its promise.

The package comes with 20 pieces, making it a worthwhile buy if you have many beehives.

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Weight6.8 kg
Dimensions51 × 42 × 8 cm
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Glor ious Future

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