Plastic Honey Extractor Gate Valves (10 pcs)

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Great care should be taken when harvesting honey from your hives to avoid destroying the honeycombs. Investing in this high quality Plastic Honey Gate Valve  will save you from having this worry. It is suitable for food and honey in particular. It has a threaded barrel that can be fitted into a suitably sized hole. The honey gate valve the regulates flow of honey into smaller vessels from extractor.

This nylon gate valve is used to install on the honey extractor, honey tank or table uncapping and so on some honey processing machines, in order to drain off the honey easily naturally. The valve is made from superior non-toxic and safe superior food grade plastic and nylon material.

It is white or orange in color and a package has 10 pieces of the honey extractor valve, helping you speed up the extraction process. The screws holding the honey gate valve together are made of stainless steel which is stain and corrosion resistant, making it an ideal for this type of work as honey extraction should observe the highest standards of hygiene. The stainless steel screws are also durable and they are well designed to ensure the buck is well sealed-off.

Occasional leaks may happen if assembly is done improperly. Do not install it right away. To guarantee a secured seal, heat the side of the plastic bucket with a heat gun before mounting the honey gate valve. As the plastic cools down, it will conform to the shape of the valve’s barrel.

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Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions60 × 50 × 10 cm
Brand Name

Adhere To Fly




White / Orange (selection will be random)

Inner diameter

About 38mm


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