Yellow Plastic Queen Bee Cage (10pcs)

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The Queen bee is the most valued member of a colony, and they deserve to be protected. A queen bee cage will come in handy when you need to cover the queen, protect her in transit or while introducing her into a new home. This plastic queen cage can be used to protect queens of all ages, virgins, newly mated or one that is several years old.

This queen bee cage is made of high quality tough plastic that prevents worker bees from chewing through. It is yellow in color. For easy use and insertion, hang this cage between the top bars of two frames.

This cage protective cover cap is specially designed for the queen bee and will not hurt bees. It’s an even grid is a common design and works excellently as a queen bee cage.

The package comes with 10 pieces.


How to Use

When using this cage to introduce a new queen in an existing colony, be sure the workers can’t get to the cage. If bees cling to the protective cage, it is an indication that they have not accepted her as yet. Take a little bit more time before removing the cage in this situation. The receiving hive should have no queen, no virgin queen cells or queen cells.


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