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  • Gold Honeycomb Necklace

    Gold Honeycomb Necklace

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    Who doesn’t want to be associated with the honeybee? For ages the honeybee has been man’s friend thanks to its sweet honey in addition to pollination services. Honeybee/honey comb inspired jewelry is made to leave a statement wherever you go. It is made for not only that love bees but also those that would love…

  • Honeycomb Necklace with Crown PendantHoneycomb Necklace with Crown Pendant

    Honeycomb Necklace with Crown Pendant

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    Enjoy a new look with the brand new insect inspired pendant chain bee necklace. This new addition to the fashion accessory market is made for the modern woman who is not intimidated by attention. A crown engraved on a silver pendant is also available to accentuate its appealing overall look. The chain length is about…

  • Minimalist Bumblebee Charm Necklace

    Minimalist Bumblebee Charm Necklace

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    As described by its name, this delicately handcrafted jewelry is tiny yet charming in all aspects. If you have tried all manner of necklaces, and you are simply over with too big necklaces on you, then this is meant for you. It may appear tiny, but still impossible to ignore no matter the occasion. It…

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