Basalt Varroosis Prevention and Treatment Tablets (25)


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The destructive Varroa mites pose a serious risk to the honey bee population. According to research, it will take between 2 to 3 years for an entire bee colony to be wiped out by the mites if they are left untreated. The case is different with wild bees, where it was found to withstand a varroa mite infestation for at least a decade, before being completely wiped out. The varroa mite is the most severe pest affecting beekeepers globally. As such, these Basalt Varroosis Prevention and Treatment Tablets are formulated to treat these pests.

About the Product

This is a 25 piece pack that has 12.5g of Amitraz as its active ingredient. It is made for prevention and treatment of varroa mites. The tablets are referred to as smoke tablets and also contain 4.5mg of Thymol as a part of its ingredients.

It is best used when there is no honey production intended for human consumption. It should also be used when temperatures are below 10 degrees Celsius.

Beekeepers who are hypersensitive to the active ingredient should avoid using the product.


Each tablet is designed for the fumigation of a single honey bee colony. A tablet can be placed on a narrow strip of metal or a bent wire feeder. It is set on fire and inserted through the hive entrance then placed on the bottom board, just below the frames.

Cover the hive entrance for about 20 minutes then open the entrance to confirm if the tablet has been burnt completely. Close the entrance and let it continue burning if it is yet to be consumed fully. Remember also to place a sheet of paper covered with vegetable fat on the bottom board. This should be checked for mite presence upon completion of fumigation.


The tablet is effective on varroa mites attached to the honey bee body. It is not effective in reaching out to the developing mites on encrusted brood.

The tablets will work best if used twice in spring. For excellent results, use it in intervals of 4 to 6 days during autumn. It should be applied in the evening when bees have ended their flight and have come back to the beehive.

You should also conduct fumigation after the honey stock intended for human consumption has been harvested from the hive.

Storage and Shelf Life

The tablets should be kept away from children. It should also be kept within temperature levels of below 25 degrees Celsius. Ideally, the storage container should be tightly closed and be kept away from light and humidity.

It is useful only within the stipulated period on the label and should be discarded once expiration date has elapsed. If enclosed it will last for 2 years and if opened, its usefulness lasts for 24 days from date of first opening.


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