Cermet Electric Beehive Heater, 12V/10W (10pcs)


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Warmth is essential for the honeybee survival and they keep themselves warm by vibrating their flight muscles. Usually the middle of the cluster is the warmest part of a hive. As you move away from the center, temperature drops. It is also important to note that at times, the interior of the hive may become quite cold and hence the need to intervene. Winter months are particularly tough for the honeybee colony. They are forced to consume plenty of the food reserves so as to help generate required heat for warmth. The electric Cermet Electric Beehive Heater warmer is thus recommended for every beekeeper. It is not only meant for the colder months but it also helps reduce the amount of work the bees have to do in an effort to keep the cluster warm.

Product Features

This is a brand new, unopened, and unused electric warmer for beekeeping. It measures 100 x 100mm and has a capacity of 12V/10W. It is environmentally friendly since it is made of non-harmful substances. It is designed to keep the hive warm and within the required temperature levels for the queen to lay more eggs. The heater does not produce harmful electromagnetic radiation and weighs about 0.15kg.

The Cermet Electric Beehive Heater is ideal for those who would like to interrupt the normal temperature fluctuations based on seasons. This way, the bees will naturally stay active and produce stronger colonies. The heater warms up to optimal temperature level within 10 minutes. It is made to be on continuous operation and hence it is reliable. It does not exceed a temperature level of 40 degrees Celsius on the body surface. Its electrical resistance should be serviceable within the range of 13 to 16 ohms.

The warmer is highly versatile and can be connected to most power sources. If connected to home network of 220V, it is recommended that at least 20 electric heaters are connected. If you use 110V network then you would have to connect at least 10 electrical heaters.

The electric beehive heater will come in handy when heating is deemed necessary. It helps prevent starvation of the honey bee winter cluster. This can be used periodically since it is economical heating equipment that will not add much to the normal beehive running costs. It suits both the commercial and subsistence or hobbyist beekeeper. This when used alongside feeding can help grow stronger bee colonies. Remember weak bee colonies have lower survival rates since they are more susceptible to predation, pests, and diseases. This can be avoided by raising stronger bee colonies.


  • Environmentally friendly since it is made of non-harmful substances and it does not generate electromagnetic radiation.
  • The heater is an ideal all season warmer for the bee colony.
  • Stimulates the queen bee to lay more eggs.
  • Manipulates internal conditions leading to more productive bee colonies.
  • Compatible with standard electric sources of power. It can be connected to a 12V/10W. AC or DC power source.
  • It is lightweight, weighing about 0.15kg.
  • Temperatures do not exceed required or normal levels.
  • Heats up to optimal temperatures within a short time.
  • It is designed to work continuously and without breaks hence it is reliable.
  • It is easy to use and works as expected.
  • It is affordable when compared to similar products.
  • It is economical in terms of power consumption.


The honey bees require warmth and honey for survival, and food is required for nurturing the young ones and energizing the adult bees. The heat required to warm up the hive is generated by the bees through their instinctive behavior of vibrating wing muscles. This electric beehive warmer will help conserve food reserves, since the bees no longer have to work so much harder in generating energy for warming up the bee colony. It will come in handy throughout all seasons since temperature regulation is an ongoing task. It should however be used minimally in hotter months such as summer. The warmer will stimulate the queen to lay eggs which ultimately leads to stronger bee colonies. It helps the beekeeper alter the normal seasonal conditions and the bees will be induced to work towards building larger, stronger colonies.


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