Beekeeping Stainless Steel/Iron Wire Roll

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Knowing how to wire a beehive frame is a skill that every beekeeper needs to have. Adding wire to a beehive frame helps to give the wax foundations strength and support. It also helps to prevent the honeycomb from sagging in the middle of the frame.

This is delivered as a 500g stainless steel roll. It is a useful bee hive frames foundation wire for beekeepers. The fact that it is made of stainless steel means it is not only longer lasting but also rust resistant. The frame wire comes in handy when combining honey frame with embossed wax foundation. It can withstand many years in service and so many cycles of wax melting. The 201 stainless steel material is preferred since it is the best quality. This roll comes with a wire that has a diameter of about 0.5mm or 0.02 inches. The product bobbin color is random and ranges from white, brown to red. The wire thickness is excellent and will hold up for many years. Every beekeeper will find this helpful and worth every penny.

The wire will also act as a guide so that the bees can build their natural comb along them, making them as straight as possible. If you use a honey extractor to harvest your honey then there is no need to cut out the wax. Just leave the frames out for a few hours to allow the bees to pick the frames clean. Then place them back into the hive as a brood or honey frame.


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