Beeswax Foundation Press Machine with Cooler


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The beeswax foundation press machine allows you to emboss plain and pure beeswax sheets that have the exact cell outline of the honeycomb that can then be fixed into the frames of the beehive. The embossed comb foundation sheets act as a base for the bees to build the combs. What this ultimately means is that it allows the bees to save the energy and focus more on building new combs. The Beeswax Foundation Press Machine with Cooler is designed for those who do not want to buy ready-made foundation. It is capable of manufacturing wax sheets in the frequency of 30 to 50 sheets an hour. It comes with a cooler and the resultant cells measure 5.4mm.

Product Features

The Beeswax Foundation Press Machine is made of aluminum and silicone material. It weighs approximately 4kg and is powered by a 12V DC. The machine comes as a brand new, unused, undamaged, and unopened beeswax foundation machine. It churns out bees wax foundations that are perfectly fitting for standard size beehives. The manufacturer also helps customize the machine depending on the beehive frame size you may have. It boasts an impressive power and capability of producing between 30 to 50 beeswax sheets an hour. It also comes with an electronic refrigerator that has a digital thermometer. This is used for cooling.

This is an electric beeswax foundation machine with a capacity ideal for both hobbyist and professional beekeepers. It is capable of producing standard size cell sizes of 5.4mm. It is therefore important to consider the kind of bees you are raising before you buy this machine.

The machine produces beeswax size that is ideal for standard beehives. You can be self-sufficient by investing in this beeswax foundation press machine. This will allows you to save the money that would otherwise be spend on buying commercially produced beeswax foundations. It also helps you hone the skill of producing beeswax foundation. You may as well train others once you are proficient in producing your own beeswax foundation.


  • It comes at a reasonable price.
  • It delivers cell sizes at high precision. It produces cell sizes that have suitable biological characteristics for the honey bee.
  • It is not labor intensive and will require the least effort to operate.
  • Provides cells with deep cell space.
  • It is hardy and durable. You expect this to serve you for a long time.
  • It has a hard texture abrasion resistant surface.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is lightweight and thus so much easy to carry around.
  • It makes the best beeswax foundation sheets for the bees.
  • It is an electric powered machine and hence highly efficient when producing beeswax foundation. It is capable of churning 30 to 50 sheets per hour.
  • It is a useful and economic choice for the beekeeper who no longer wants to buy beeswax sheets from others but rather make their own.
  • The components of the machine are made of hardy material.
  • It has lower power consumption and hence an ideal choice for everyone.
  • No risk for injury since the machine offers the highest safety to the user.
  • Comes with a cooler, one of its signature features.
  • Fast heating that also conserve energy.

As the beekeeper, your main role is to support your bees by all means possible. You need to provide the honey bees with wax foundation so as to help guide when building combs. Beeswax foundation can be expensive if you consider the number of times you may make a purchase within a year. You own foundation press machine allows you to produce standard cell beeswax foundation and saves on the forgone costs. It allows the beekeeper to be self-sufficient by creating a solution to one of the challenges facing beekeepers; buying beeswax foundations. The Beeswax Foundation Press Machine allows you to achieve this goal. The well-made machine is not only efficient but also durable thanks to its sturdy materials.


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