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Fluvalinate Varroa Mite Treatment Strips (20pcs)

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Varroa mites and other pests pose a risk to overall heath of the beehive. The Fluvalinate Varroa Mite Treatment Strips help to eliminate these parasitic mites and other pests form the hive. This mite killer works by targeting the insect’s nervous system.


Usage and Dosage

  • Hang this miticide between beehive frames. Every beehive (10 frames) with 1/2 strip. Its dosage can be increased or reduced in terms of the honey bee’s actual situation.


Caution while using the miticide

  1. The strips should last in the hive for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.
  2. When hanging strips, you should wear gloves and masks.
  3. No smoking, drinking or eating. Wash your hands after hanging.
  4. The waste strips cannot be reused or recycled.
  5. The strips shall be kept from contact with honey, pesticides or other chemicals.
  6. Given the difference of powder source, climate and bee group condition , please dry it in the sun before using.
  7. Keep it away from food and children. Open the package before using.
  8. It is necessary to choose 1-2 groups for trial before using, and observe after 48 hours. And then use it in large scale.
  9. Forbid usage during honey flowing period.


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