Royal Jelly Squeegee Pen (10pcs)

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Royal jelly is crucial to any beehive, and hence great care should be taken when handling it. It is the stuff that queens are made of. A handy beekeeping tool when feeding newly laid eggs with royal jelly, is this royal jelly squeegee pen. It helps you greatly in handling the loyal jelly with utmost care when transferring it from the cup.

The squeegee pen features an edible soft silicone head which keeps the jelly intact. It is made of high quality plastic, and produces squeegee strokes in a simple and easy way. This ensures the safe and efficient operation enabling the beekeeper to produce more queens with less royal jelly.

The royal jelly squeegee pen is also very light weight, hence easy to use and move around as you tend to royal jelly in he hive.

This royal jelly squeegee pen, also known as the second-generation doctor blade pen, because it perpetuates generations, is white in color. Each package comes with 10 pens.

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